12 May 2018

OUR NEW SINGLE IS OUT!  «Talo» is a taster from our upcoming second full length album called «Meat Stall», due to be released in July 2018 by Insane Records.

The digital «Talo (Extended Edition)» single includes also an instrumental version, and a sterling remix by Miseria Ultima.

The song «Talo» (Finnish for «House») features lyrics by Finnish poet Uuno Kailas from 1932. Uuno Kailas published five poetry collections before perishing in 1933, aged only 31. He was tormented by tuberculosis and feelings of guilt and alienation brought about by schizophrenia. «Talo» is a chilling, masterful lyrical interpretation of life seen through his eyes. Musically «Talo» combines catchy beats, multi-layered melodies and aggressive vocals.

Official shop: http://bit.ly/Talo_EE2
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/Talo_EE1

16 December 2016

OUR FULL LENGTH ALBUM "PANOPTICON" IS OUT NOW! «Panopticon» features songs with dark lyrics and melodic, cinematic compositions, combining modern harsh sound with some influences from the 90's industrial sound. The album also includes two remixes, by HEXADIODE and RIOT KITTEN.

The title track «Panopticon» deals with the concept of privacy; how far are we willing to sacrifice our privacy to increase our security? Does the trade-off really work at all? Do we even have a say in the matter these days?

Some other themes of the songs in this album are addictions («Demon»), alienation («Burst»), individualism & independent thinking («Hivemind», «Blind Eyes»), robots replacing human workforce («Sum Of All Gears»), the insanity that is war («Full Scale War»), and of course love and loss («Remember Me»).

The «Panopticon» album is available in digital and CD formats. Physical release features Pit Art technology, Matte 6-panel Digipack, Matte double-layer Slipcase, and 12 Page booklet, and is limited to 300 copies.

Release Date: December 16, 2016
Label: INSANE RECORDS / INSCD #008 (INSDigital #008)
Official shop CD: https://goo.gl/xKnHrf
Official shop Digital: https://goo.gl/IkTezJ
Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/eOsWLI

11 September 2016

NEW SINGLE IS OUT!  Digital single «Demon» is a taster from an upcoming full length album called «Panopticon» with several remixes and release by Insane Records. In this digital single you can hear also ‘Demon’ remix made by SHADES:OF:HELL, and another remix by KUROSHIO of song ‘Full Scale War’, its original version will be released on the upcoming full length album.

The single «Demon» is about a different kind of a genie in a bottle, the primordial kind, spirit that can possess you and is to be feared and avoided. The song is about personal demons, addictions, alcoholism — as we know, we all have our personal demons (you name them!) The song is a full throttle affair with a dancefloor beat, dark and melodic sounds, and harsh vocals with a touch of 90’s.

Stay tuned, the upcoming full length release «Panopticon» is something you don’t want to let slip through your fingers!